About us

      Science and Technology are recognized as key pillars to achieve sustainable and broad based economic growth contributing to employment generation and poverty reduction in Nepal. These pillars are mutually reinforcing and have high potential to change the face of our country. Recognizing the importance of Science and Technology in general and to address peoples' expectation from government in particular, Government of Nepal has established the Ministry of Science and Technology.

      Institutional, policy-level and functional efforts are being made over last four decades for strengthening and utilizing these pillars in Nepal.

      One of the first efforts was the establishment of Science and Technology Council in 1976 AD (2023 BS) with the long term goal of invention, innovation and adoption based on capacity and requirement of the nation. After that, Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RoNAST) was founded in 1982 AD (2039 BS). Ministry of Science and Technology was instituted on 2053/02/02 B.S. [15 April, 1996 A.D.] to perform related functions.

      On the other hand, Government of Nepal created Ministry of Population and Environment in 2052 BS which independently performed environment sector functions focusing on environmental conservation, pollution prevention and control, and conservation of national heritage as well as the effective implementation of commitments expressed in regional and international levels.

      The merger of Environment Division of the then Ministry of Population and Environment with the Ministry of Science and Technology created a new Ministry in 2061/12/18 B.S. [31 March, 2005 A.D.] joining there pillars together. After a brief separation during 2066/02/29 BS to 2069/02/05 BS with a separate existence of Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry has taken its present shape. Again by the cabinet's decison of 2072|09|09 Ministry of Science and Technology has formed new shape.